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Architectural Ornamental Castings

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While architectural ornamental castings are decorative and designed for their aesthetic beauty, these castings are also functional. Because they are designed for functionality they need to be sturdy. Casting ensures these architectural ornamental pieces will last forever.

Of course there are architectural ornamental castings not made out of metal. These are created by a process called “stone casting”, which produces those ornamental stone elements that often adorn building facades. While these elements appear to be carved out of stone, they are indeed manufactured.

Many metal architectural castings are used by municipalities for decorative lamp posts, clock posts, handrails and sign posts. Other ornamental castings are used in construction of both public and commercial buildings, as well as private homes.

Types of architectural ornamental elements created by the metal casting process:

  • Balusters & Newel Posts
  • Stair & Rail Components
  • Shelf Brackets
  • Gate Tops
  • Spears and Finials
  • Post Caps & Plugs
  • Shoes & Flanges
  • Fence Posts

Whenever you see an ornamental metal fence, handrail, staircase balustrade or shelf brackets, you can be pretty sure that it has been created by investment casting.

For more information on Architectural Ornamental Castings and investment casting.

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