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Casting Mold

Steel Investment Castings - Lost Wax Castings - All Popular Metal Casting Alloys

There is more than one type of casting mold that is used in metal casting. Each of these different types of molds is used by one or more methods of metal casting. This combination of molds and methods allows for a variety of casting sizes, quantities and properties.

Casting Molds

  1. Graphite mold – Aluminum centrifugal casting often uses graphite molds and cores. The process also uses rapid cooling resulting in a casting with qualities not reproduced by other methods.
  2. Sand mold – This type of casting mold is created of pressed dry or “green” sand that is contained in a “flask” or box. Using a pattern of metal or wood that creates a cavity in the sand into which the molten metal is poured.
  3. Permanent mold – A permanent mold is usually made from steel or iron and is used with gravity or vacuum casting.
  4. Ceramic mold – This type of mold is most often used with the lost wax casting process, in which a wax model is the pattern used to create the mold. When the mold is fired the wax melts out leaving a cavity for the molten metal that is a perfect representation of the original pattern.
  5. Plaster molds – Another type of lost wax casting creates a mold out of plaster, instead of ceramic.
  6. Die Casting– Die casting is a casting process that uses high pressure to force molten metal into a steel “die” or mold. This is the ideal process for producing large quantities of smaller castings.
  7. Shell mold – Resin is bonded into sand to create a thin walled mold. Although this process produces dimensionally accurate castings, it is also a more expensive process.

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